Child Behaviour Research Clinic
The University of New South Wales


The Child Behaviour Research Clinic (CBRC) is part of the School of Psychology, Clinical Psychology Unit, located at the University of New South Wales, Kensington. We have a long tradition of providing well established, non-medication based treatments to families who are experiencing difficulties in the management of children with a range of behavioural and emotional problems.

What services do we offer?

Our clinical team have extensive experience in the clinical assessment and treatment of children who have various conduct behaviour problems and emotional control difficulties.

We are currently assessing and treating families with children aged 3 to 16 years who are exhibiting conduct problems, such as anger and aggression, cruelty to others, destruction of property, emotional outbursts, defiance, and difficulty following instructions and/or accepting consequences.

While we are focused on treating children, we recognise that a large part of this means that parents will need to learn effective and helpful strategies to manage their child’s difficulties. Therefore we predominantly offer parent management programs, and where appropriate, child self-management strategies.

What are the benefits for my family’s participation?

Families who participate in our research will receive all aspects of assessment and treatment free of charge. They will also leave with effective, individualised strategies for managing and improving their child’s emotional and behavioural difficulties. Each family’s participation in the research is important and will contribute to the improvement of existing strategies and the development of new treatments for childhood and adolescent behavioural and emotional problems. Families of children aged 3-8 years will receive all aspects of assessment and treatment free of charge. For children aged 9-16, assessment is free with treatment provided at a subsidised rate.

** CBRC is currently looking for families with children aged between 3-8 years with behavioural difficulties to take part in a ground breaking study looking at innovative parenting strategies, how to optimise children’s self management of emotions and behaviours, as well as fostering positive family relationships. Please contact the clinic on 9385 2771 or click on this link to see if your family is eligible to take part.